You can take wife on rent here……

There is a tradition called Dhari in Madhya Pradesh‘s Shivpuri village. This practice is the practice of buying women, whose victim’s husbands change as soon as the stamp is signed, a contract is made between the girls sold and the men who buy it. If there is a lot of money, the contract will last for a long time and if the amount is less then it will end soon.

The people here consider this as a custom which is called the practice of religion and the custom of the girl’s house, gives the girls rent to the non-men and all these actions are paperwork. From a woman’s wife to relationship, all the work for men.

 Although many Simhilao tried to raise her voice over the practice several times, but his voice was suppressed every time. This is the reason why any woman selling the name of the practice has not filed any complaint against anyone till date.

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