2teachera 1 student raped in school 

The news of the heartbreaking thrill of Jind from Haryana has come out. Here’s the body of the 10th student in the nock condition. Let me tell you that student resident of Kurukshetra is being told.

A 10th student was found dead in a nacked condition on the railway track in Haryana. Let me tell you that there was a crisis like Nirbhaya, it was confirmed in the post-mortem in Rohtak PGI. Many boys gangraped with her. There is also the point of putting sharp things in the private part of Victim.

To hide the identity was also tried to corrode the dead body. On Sunday, angry relatives reached Kurukshetra and took preparations to perform for the arrest of the accused.

According to the police, on January 9, schoolgirl came out to read tuition from home but did not reach home. The family complained to the police about the disappearance of the daughter. On January 10, the police filed a case under Section 346 of the IPC. On 12th January, the dead body was found on the track near the village of Jind of Badhakhekara in a bad condition.

Police filed a case against Sarpanch Suresh Kumar on charges of murder, murder of an unknown person, under various streams, including fat burning. There are many signs of injury to the body of the deceased. The accused tried to get rid of the body after raping Victim and raping the dead.

According to Dr SK Dhatwal, president of Rohtak PGI forensic department, some sharp things were cast in the private part of the girl. At the same time, Police Inspector says that on the day the student disappeared, a 12th student is also missing from that day. Her family is being questioned.

Given the seriousness of the matter, SSP Arun Kumar has constituted two SITs. Upon getting the information Arun Kumar reached the spot with other officers and gathered the evidence. The police are being speculated that by executing the incident with the girl, the accused threw it in the canal from behind to blow the dead body.

At the same time, the question is also raised who finally removed the dead body from the water. The incident is not old days old. Police tried to identify the girl by running the search operation. DSP Sunil Kumar said that the girl had worn Saint Ravidas’s lock in the neck of the girl with her dark neck, and her black thread was tied on her feet. Based on this, information was sent in the surrounding area. He was identified as the girl student of Jhansa village of Kurukshetra. The family members in Kurukshetra had lodged a complaint of missing the girl.

Dr. SK Dhatwal informed that the girl’s body has received many marks of injury. Investigations show that many people rapped with her. He has been drunk and drowned. Several parts of the stomach of the young woman are torn. A sharp object was inserted in the private part. The rest of the samples have been sent for investigation. “

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